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whereadverb, conjunction

uk /weər/ us /wer/

A1 to, at, or in what place

Where does he live? 他住在哪里?
"I put it on your desk." "Where? I can't see it." “我把它放在你书桌上了。”“在哪里?我怎么没看到?”
Where are we going? 我们要去哪里?
Now where did I put my glasses? 我把眼镜放在哪儿了?
Where's the party being held? 聚会在哪儿举行?
Could you tell me where Barker Drive is, please? 你能告诉我巴克大街怎么走吗?
Where did you put my umbrella? 你把我的伞放在哪儿了?
I've left my keys somewhere and I don't know where. 我把钥匙放在什么地方了,但我想不起来放哪儿了。
You found my diary - where on earth was it? 你找到了我的日记——它到底在哪儿呢?
I've been meaning to ask you where you get your hair cut. 我一直想问你是在什么地方剪的头发。
Bradford, where Bren comes from, has a lot of good curry restaurants. 布拉德福德,布伦的家乡,有很多不错的咖喱饭店。
She lived in Rome for a couple of years, where she taught English. 她在罗马生活了几年,其间在那里教英语。
You see where Mira is standing? Well, he's behind her. 你看到米拉站在哪儿了吗?嗯,他在她的后面。
I like to have him next to me where I can keep an eye on him. 我想让他挨着我,这样我就可以顺便照看他了。
I read it somewhere - I don't know where (= in which book, newspaper, etc.). 我在什么地方读到过——我不记得是在哪儿了。

B2 used when referring to a particular stage in a process or activity

You reach a point in any project where you just want to get the thing finished. 做任何项目时都会有那么一个阶段,就是只想着赶快把它弄完。
I've reached the stage where I just don't care any more. 我已经到了什么也不再在乎的地步了。

in what situation

You're not available on the 12th and Andrew can't make the 20th - so where does that leave us? 你12号没时间,而安德鲁20号不行——那我们还能选哪个时间呢?
Where do you see yourself five years from now? 你觉得自己5年之后会是什么样?

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