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uk /waɪ/ us /waɪ/

A1 for what reason

"I'm going home." "Why?" “我要回家了。”“为什么?”
Why did you choose to live in London? 你为什么选择在伦敦生活?
Why wait? Let's leave now. 为什么要等?我们现在就走吧。
Why should I help him - he never helps me? 我为什么要帮他——他从来都没帮过我?
Why is it that I find chocolate so addictive? 为什么我觉得巧克力如此让人上瘾呢?
The police asked me to explain why I hadn't reported the accident sooner. 警方要我解释为什么没有及时报告这起事故。
I don't know why she isn't here. 我不知道为什么她没在这儿。
Quite why he isn't here today is a mystery. 他今天为什么不在这里真是个谜。
There is no reason why we shouldn't succeed. 我们没有理由不成功。

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uk /waɪ/ us /waɪ/ mainly US or old-fashioned

used to express surprise or anger

Why, if it isn't old Georgie Frazer! 哟,这不是老乔吉‧弗雷泽吗?
Why, I've never seen anything like it! 哟,我从没见过这样的事!


uk /waɪ/ us /waɪ/
the whys and (the) wherefores

the reasons for something

I know very little about the whys and the wherefores of the situation. 我根本不知道是什么原因导致出现了这种情况。

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