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uk /waɪld/ us /waɪld/

wild adjective (NOT CONTROLLED)

B2 uncontrolled, violent, or extreme

a wild party 狂野的聚会
wild dancing 狂舞
The audience burst into wild applause. 观众爆发出热烈的掌声。
When I told him what I'd done, he went wild (= became very angry). 当我告诉他我的所作所为时,他暴跳如雷。
The children were wild with excitement (= were extremely excited). 孩子们欣喜若狂。
Her eyes were wild/She had a wild look in her eyes (= her eyes were wide open, as if frightened or mentally ill). 她眼睛大睁着,眼中充满惊恐。
His hair was wild (= long and untidy) and his clothes full of holes. 他的头发又长又乱,衣服上都是洞。
There have been wild (= extreme) variations in the level of spending. 消费水平有着极大的差别。
They get some wild weather (= many severe storms) in the north. 北方暴风雨很多。
It was a wild (= stormy or very windy) night, with the wind howling and the rain pouring down. 那是一个暴风雨大作的夜晚,狂风怒吼,大雨倾盆。

slang very unusual, often in a way that is attractive or exciting

Those are wild trousers you're wearing, Maddy. 你穿的裤子可真棒,弗埃。

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wild adjective (NATURAL)

A2 used to refer to plants or animals that live or grow independently of people, in natural conditions and with natural characteristics

wild grasses 野花/野草
a herd of wild horses 一群野马
These herbs grow wild in the area.

B2 Wild land is not used to grow crops and has few people living in it.

a wild, mountainous region 荒无人烟的山区

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wild adjective (NOT THOUGHT ABOUT)

wild accusation/guess/rumour

C2 something that you say that is not based on facts and is probably wrong



uk /waɪld/ us /waɪld/
in the wild

in natural conditions, independent of humans

Animals would produce more young in the wild than they do in the zoo. 动物在野生环境中的产崽数量要比在动物园里多。
in the wilds (of somewhere)

in an area that is far from where people usually live and difficult to get to, and that is not considered easy to live in

She lives somewhere in the wilds of Borneo. 她住在婆罗洲荒野中的某个地方。

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