Translation of "wind" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb [ T usually + adv/prep ] (WRAP AROUND) 缠绕 uk us /waɪnd/ (wound)

to wrap something around an object several times or twist it repeatedly around itself

She wound a scarf around her neck. 她在脖子上围了一条围巾。
He wound the string into a ball. 他将绳子缠成一团。
He wound a small bandage round her finger. 他在她的手指上缠了一小条绷带。
winding uk us /ˈwaɪn.dɪŋ/ adjective

describes a path, road, river, etc. which repeatedly turns in different directions

There's a very long, winding path leading up to the house. 一条很长的弯弯小路通向这所房子。

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