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uk /ˈwɪn.dəʊ/ us /ˈwɪn.doʊ/

window noun (GLASS)

A1 [ C ] a space usually filled with glass in the wall of a building or in a vehicle, to allow light and air in and to allow people inside the building to see out

Is it all right if I open/close the window? 我打开/关上窗户可以吗?
He caught me staring out of the window. 他看到我正在向窗外凝视。
I saw a child's face at the window. 我看到窗口有一张孩子的脸。
She has some wonderful plants in the window (= on a surface at the bottom of the window). 她窗台上摆了些奇妙的植物。
I was admiring the cathedral's stained-glass windows. 我正在欣赏大教堂里的彩色玻璃窗。
Have you paid the window cleaner (= person whose job is to clean the outside of windows)? 你付给擦窗户的工人工钱了吗?
window frames 窗框
a window ledge 窗台

[ S ] literary something that makes it possible for you to see and learn about a situation or experience that is different from your own

The film provides a window on the immigrant experience. 这部影片提供了一个了解移民经历的窗口。

[ C ] a transparent rectangle on the front of an envelope, through which you can read the address written on the letter inside


[ C ] the decorative arrangement of goods behind the window at the front of a shop, in addition to the window itself

How much is the jacket in the window? 橱窗里的那件夹克多少钱?
The shop windows are wonderful around Christmas time. 圣诞节期间商店的橱窗非常漂亮。

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window noun (COMPUTER)

B1 [ C ] a separate area on a computer screen that shows information and can be moved around

to minimize/maximize a window 将视窗最小/最大化

window noun (OPPORTUNITY)

[ C ] a period when there is an opportunity to do something

I'm busy this week but there might be a window on Friday. 我本周相当忙,但可能在星期五还有个空儿。
If a window of opportunity (= an opportunity) should present itself, I'd take advantage of it. 如果出现机会,我就要去利用。

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