Translation of "wire" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb [ T ] (METAL THREAD) 金属线 uk us /waɪər/ US  /waɪr/

to fasten two things together using wire

She had her jaws wired together so that she wouldn't be able to eat. 她把上下颌用金属丝捆在一起,这样就不能吃东西了。

(also wire up) to connect a piece of electrical equipment with wires so that it will work

The stereo wasn't working because it hadn't been wired up properly. 立体声音响不响了,因为电线没有接好。
Nearly one home in ten across the country is wired up to receive TV via cable. 该国有近十分之一的家庭通过电缆接收电视信号。

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