Translation of "wonder" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb (QUESTION) 质疑 uk us /ˈwʌn.dər/ US  /-dɚ/

[ I ] to ask yourself questions or express a wish to know about something

[ + question word ] Hadn't you better phone home? Your parents will be wondering where you are. 你是不是最好给家里打个电话?你父母会想知道你在哪儿的。
He's starting to wonder whether he did the right thing in accepting this job. 他现在开始怀疑自己接受这份工作是否正确。
[ + speech ] Will this turkey be big enough for eight, I wonder? 我不知道这只火鸡够不够8个人吃。
"Have you decided where you're going next summer?" "I've been wondering about (= considering) going to Florida." “你决定好明年夏天去哪里了吗?”“我一直在考虑去佛罗里达。”

used in phrases, at the beginning of a request, to make it more formal and polite

[ + speech ] I wonder - could you help me carry these books? 不知你能否帮我搬这些书?
[ + question word ] I wonder whether you could pass me the butter? 你能不能把黄油递给我?
I wonder if you could give me some information about places to visit in the area? 不知你能否给我提供一些这个地区可供游玩的地方的情况。

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