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wooverb [ T ]

uk /wuː/ us /wuː/ present participle wooing, past tense and past participle wooed

to try to persuade someone to support you or to use your business

The party has been trying to woo the voters with promises of electoral reform. 该政党承诺进行选举改革以争取选民的支持。
The airline has been offering discounted tickets to woo passengers away from their competitors. 这家航空公司一直在出售打折机票以从竞争对手那里争取乘客。

old-fashioned If a man woos a woman, he gives her a lot of attention in an attempt to persuade her to marry him.

He wooed her for months with flowers and expensive presents. 他用鲜花和昂贵的礼物追求了她好几个月。

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