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workingadjective [ before noun ]

uk /ˈwɜː.kɪŋ/ us /ˈwɝː.kɪŋ/

working adjective [ before noun ] (JOB)

B1 relating to work

a 37-hour working week 一周工作37小时
Working conditions/practices in the mill have hardly changed over the last 20 years. 过去20年来,这家磨坊里的工作条件/方式几乎没有改变。
She has a difficult working relationship with many of her employees. 她与很多员工的工作关系都不好。

having work

These tax changes will affect 90 percent of the working population. 这些税收的变化将会影响到90%的工作人口。

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working adjective [ before noun ] (MACHINE)


It has taken about five years to restore the aircraft to (full) working condition/order. 大约花了5年时间才让这架飞机完全恢复正常运转。

The working parts of a machine are those that move and make it work.

It is essential that all working components are well lubricated. 给所有运转部件适时上润滑油是非常重要的。

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working adjective [ before noun ] (USEFUL)

B2 used to refer to a plan, idea, or knowledge that is not complete but is good enough to be useful

We have a working theory/hypothesis about what caused the crash, which we will test. 我们有了一个关于坠机原因的初步设想/假设,还有待进一步验证。
She's fluent in French and English and has a working knowledge of Spanish. 她法语和英语说得都很流利,西班牙语也能应付。

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