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uk /wɜːm/ us /wɝːm/

B2 [ C ] a small animal with a long, narrow, soft body without arms, legs, or bones

The kiwi bird eats worms, other invertebrates, and berries. 鹬鸵以蠕虫、其他无脊椎动物和浆果为食。

[ C ] the young of particular types of insect

It's distressing enough to find a worm in your apple but finding half of one is worse. 在苹果里发现一条虫子已经够让人厌恶了,如果发现半条就更糟了。
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[ C ] a type of worm that lives in an animal's intestine, feeding on the food there, or on an animal's body, feeding off its blood

a parasitic worm 寄生虫
The vet says our dog has worms. 兽医说我们的狗体内有寄生虫。
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[ S ] informal old-fashioned an unpleasant person who does not deserve respect

Don't be such a worm. You don't have to lie to me. 别这么懦弱,你不必向我撒谎的。

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uk /wɜːm/ us /wɝːm/

worm verb (MOVE)

[ I or T, + prep ] to succeed in moving along in a difficult or crowded situation, by moving your body slowly and carefully

Because he was so small, he could worm (his way) through the crowd. 他身形瘦小,所以可以挤过人群。
She wormed herself under the fence. 她从栅栏下面爬了过来。

worm verb (ANIMAL)

[ T ] to give an animal, especially a pet dog or cat, medicine to kill any worms that might be living inside it

Has your dog been wormed? 你的狗除过肠虫吗?

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