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uk /waʊ/ us /waʊ/ informal

A2 used to show surprise and sometimes pleasure

Wow! Did you make that cake? It looks delicious! 哇!那个蛋糕是你做的吗?看起来味道好极了!

More examples

  • "Wow!" exclaimed John, "what a fantastic house."
  • Wow! I wasn't expecting such a great reception.
  • Wow! What a hat.
  • A hundred pounds! Wow!
  • "Wow!" said Alan excitedly.

wownoun [ S ]

uk /waʊ/ us /waʊ/ informal

a person or thing that is very successful, attractive, or pleasant

He's a real wow with the girls in his class. 他班里的女孩子都非常喜欢他。

wowverb [ T ]

uk /waʊ/ us /waʊ/ informal

to make someone feel great excitement or admiration

The movie wowed audiences with its amazing special effects. 该影片以令人叫绝的特效大获全美观众的喜爱。

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