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uk /rɒŋ/ us /rɑːŋ/

wrong adjective (NOT CORRECT)

A1 not correct

Three of your answers were wrong. 你的回答中有3个是错的。
That clock is wrong - it's 12.30, not 12.15. 那个钟走时不准——是12:30,不是12:15。
Some of his facts are questionable, others are plainly (= completely) wrong. 他提供的事实有些值得怀疑,其他的则完全错误。

A2 If someone is wrong, they are not correct in their judgment or statement about something.

You were wrong about the time - the bank closed at 3.30. 你把时间搞错了——这家商店是7点关门,不是8点。
He's wrong in thinking that we will support the project financially. 他错误地以为我们会在资金上支持这个项目。
prove sb wrong

to show by your actions that someone's judgment of you was not correct

I thought she couldn't do it, but she proved me wrong. 我原以为她做不了这件事,但她证明我错了。

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wrong adjective (NOT SUITABLE)

C1 not suitable or correct, or not as it should be

She's the wrong person for the job. 她不是这份工作的合适人选。
We must have taken a wrong turning. 我们一定是拐错弯了。
I'm sorry, you've got the wrong number (= this is not the phone number you wanted). 对不起,您打错电话了。

Something that is wrong is not considered to be socially acceptable or suitable.

She got in with the wrong crowd (= a group of people who behaved badly) at university. 她上大学时结交了一群狐朋狗友。

B1 If you ask someone what is wrong, you want to know what is worrying or upsetting them.

You've been quiet all evening. Is there anything wrong? 你整晚都很沉默,有什么不顺心的事吗?
What's wrong with you today? 你今天怎么了?
the wrong way around

mainly UK also the wrong way round If something is the wrong way around, the part that should be at the front is at the back.

You've got your skirt on the wrong way round. 你把裙子穿反了。

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wrong adjective (NOT MORAL)

B2 not considered morally acceptable by most people

Children should be taught that violence is wrong. 应该教育孩子们暴力是不良行为。
It was wrong of her to lie to you. 她对你撒谎是不对的。
What's wrong with having a little fun? 找点乐子有什么不对?

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wrong adjective (NOT WORKING)

B1 [ after verb ] not working correctly

Something's wrong with the television - the picture's fuzzy. 电视机出毛病了——图像不清楚。
The doctors are still trying to find out what's wrong. 医生们仍在试图找出问题的症结。


uk /rɒŋ/ us /rɑːŋ/

A2 informal in a way that is not correct

You've spelled my name wrong. 你把我的名字拼写错了。
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get sth wrong B1 informal

to make a mistake in the way you answer or understand something

I spent hours doing that problem and I still got the answer wrong. 我花了好几个小时解那道计算题,但还是做错了。
You've got it all wrong - it was your boss that she was annoyed with and not you! 你完全理解错了——让她生气的是你们老板,而不是你!
go wrong

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B2 If a situation or event goes wrong, it becomes unpleasant and is not a success.

Our marriage began to go wrong after we had our first child. 我们在有了第一个孩子之后婚姻开始出现问题。

to make a mistake

These shelves are very easy to put together - you can't go wrong. 这些架子很容易组装——你不会弄错的。
I thought I'd done this correctly - I just can't understand where I went wrong. 我以为自己这样做是对的,我就是不明白错在哪里。

B1 UK If a machine goes wrong, it stops working correctly.

Our TV keeps going wrong. 我们的电视一直有毛病。

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uk /rɒŋ/ us /rɑːŋ/

[ U ] what is considered to be morally unacceptable

He has no sense of right and wrong. 他没有什么是非感。
I was brought up to tell the truth and know right from wrong. 我从小就受教育要讲真话、明辨是非。
As far as her parents are concerned, she can do no wrong (= she is perfect in every way). 在她父母眼中,她是完美无瑕的。

[ C ] formal an unfair action

He has done us a great wrong. 他极大地冤枉了我们。
She was trying to right (= do something to make better) the wrongs of the past. 她试图纠正过去的冤屈。
in the wrong

If someone is in the wrong, they have made a mistake or done something that is bad or illegal.

The driver was unquestionably in the wrong. 毫无疑问是那个司机不对。

wrongverb [ T ]

uk /rɒŋ/ us /rɑːŋ/ formal

to treat someone in an unfair or unacceptable way

She felt deeply wronged by his accusations. 他的指控使她觉得深受冤枉。

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