Translation of "wrong" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


adjective (NOT CORRECT) 不正确 uk us /rɒŋ/ US  /rɑːŋ/

not correct

Three of your answers were wrong. 你的回答中有3个是错的。
That clock is wrong - it's 12.30 not 12.15. 那个钟走时不准——是12:30,不是12:15。
Some of his facts are questionable, others are plainly (= completely) wrong. 他提供的事实有些值得怀疑,其他的则完全错误。
→ Compare right adjective

If someone is wrong, they are not correct in their judgment or statement about something

You were wrong about the time - the shop closed at 7 not 8. 你把时间搞错了——这家商店是7点关门,不是8点。
He's wrong in thinking that we will support the project financially. 他错误地以为我们会在资金上支持这个项目。
prove sb wrong

to show by your actions that someone's judgment of you was not correct

I thought she couldn't do it, but she proved me wrong. 我原以为她做不了这件事,但她证明我错了。

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