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uk /jɪər/ us /jɪr/

A1 [ C ] a period of twelve months, especially from 1 January to 31 December

Annette worked in Italy for two years. 安妮特在意大利工作了两年。
2005 was one of the worst years of my life. 1988年是我生命中最糟糕的年份之一。
We went to Egypt on holiday last year. 我们去年去埃及度假了。
At this time of year the beaches are almost deserted. 一年之中的这个时候,海滩几乎空寂无人。
This species keeps its leaves all year (round) (= through the year). 这一品种常年不落叶。

[ C ] a period of twelve months relating to a particular activity

The financial/tax year begins in April. 财政/纳税年度从4月份开始。

A2 [ C ] the part of the year, in a school or university, during which courses are taught

the academic/school year 学年
UK She's now in her final/first/second year at Manchester University. 她眼下在曼彻斯特大学读毕业班/一年级/二年级。
US My daughter is in her freshman/sophomore/junior/senior year.

[ C, + sing/pl verb ] UK US class a group of students who start school, college, university, or a course together

Kathy was in the year above me at college. 上大学时凯西比我高一届。

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uk / -jɪər/ us / -jɪr/ UK

used to refer to a student in a particular year group at a school, college, or university

I like teaching the first-years, but the second-years can be difficult. 我喜欢教一年级的学生,而二年级的学生可能比较难应付。
a first-year student 一年级的学生

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