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uk /əˈbaʊt/ us /əˈbaʊt/

about preposition (CONNECTED WITH)

A1 on the subject of, or connected with

What's that book about? 這本書是關於甚麼的?
a film about the Spanish Civil War 反映西班牙內戰的電影
We were talking/laughing about Sophie. 我們正談論 / 嘲笑索菲。
He's always (going) on about what a great job he's got. 他總是喋喋不休地炫耀他的工作有多麼好。
I'm worried about David. 我真為大衛擔心。
I really don't know what all the fuss is about. 我真不知道這麼大驚小怪到底是怎麼回事。
I wish you'd do something about (= take action to solve the problem of) your bedroom - it's a real mess. 我希望你能收拾一下你的臥室——裡面亂七八糟。
UK informal Could you make me a coffee too while you're about it (= while you are making one for yourself)? 你去沖咖啡的時候能不能給我也弄一杯?
What didn't you like about the play? 這齣劇哪些地方你不喜歡?
There's something about her attitude that worries me. 她態度中表現出的一些問題讓我擔心。
There's something special about him (= in his character). 他性格中有種與眾不同的東西。
"Is that your car?" "Yes, what about it?" (= Why are you asking me?) 「那是你的車嗎?」「是的,怎麼啦?」(有時這種說話方式帶有一種憤怒或威脅的語氣)

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about preposition (NO ORDER)

mainly UK US usually around positioned around a place, often without a clear purpose or order

Their belongings were flung about the room. 他們的東西被淩亂地丟在房間裡。

about preposition (POSITION)

UK formal in a particular place

Do you have such a thing as a pen about you/your person? (= Do you have a pen?) 你身上會不會碰巧有筆?


uk /əˈbaʊt/ us /əˈbaʊt/

about adverb (APPROXIMATELY)

A1 a little more or less than the stated number or amount

about six feet tall 高約六英尺
about two months ago 大約兩個月前
"What time are you leaving work today?" "About five." 「你今天甚麼時候下班?」「五點左右。」

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about adverb (ALL DIRECTIONS)

B2 mainly UK US usually around in many different directions

They heard someone moving about outside. 他們聽到外面有人走動。
I've been running about all morning trying to find you. 我跑了一個早上到處找你。

about adverb (NO ORDER)

B2 mainly UK US usually around positioned around a place, often without a clear purpose or order

She always leaves her clothes lying about on the floor. 她的衣服總是東一件西一件亂丟在地板上。

about adverb (PLACE)

mainly UK US usually around in or near a place

Is John about (= somewhere near)? 約翰在附近嗎?
There's a lot of flu about (= many people have it) at the moment. 目前這一帶很多人患流感。


uk /əˈbaʊt/ us /əˈbaʊt/

about adjective (INTENDING)

be about to do sth

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B1 to be going to do something very soon

I was about to leave when Mark arrived. 馬克到的時候我剛要走。
She looked as if she was about to cry. 她看來好像馬上就要哭出來了。

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