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abroadadverb [ after verb ]

uk /əˈbrɔːd/ us /əˈbrɑːd/

abroad adverb [ after verb ] (OTHER COUNTRY)

B1 in or to a foreign country or countries

He's currently abroad on business. 目前他在國外出差。
We always go abroad in the summer. 我們夏天總是到國外去。

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abroad adverb [ after verb ] (OUTSIDE)

[ after verb ] literary or old use outside, or not at home

Not a soul was abroad that morning. 那天上午,戶外空無一人。

abroad adverb [ after verb ] (GOING AROUND)

[ after verb ] formal used to say that ideas, feelings, and opinions are shared by many people

There's a rumour abroad that she intends to leave the company. 到處都在傳言說她要離開公司。

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