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uk /ˈæb.səns/ us /ˈæb.səns/

absence noun (NOT BEING PRESENT)

B2 [ U or C ] the fact of not being where you are usually expected to be

A new manager was appointed during/in her absence. 她不在的時候任命了一位新經理。
She has had repeated absences from work this year. 今年她屢次曠工。

More examples

  • The smell of cigarette smoke confirmed what he had suspected: there had been a party in his absence.
  • I'm deputizing for the director during his absence.
  • Unbeknown to me, he'd gone and rented out the apartment in my absence.
  • Can you account for your absence last Friday?
  • A new manager was appointed during/in her absence.

absence noun (NOT EXISTING)

B2 [ U ] the fact of not existing

He drew attention to the absence of concrete evidence against the defendant. 他使大家注意到,並不存在可以證明被告有罪的確鑿證據。
In the absence of (= because there were not) more suitable candidates, we decided to offer the job to Mr Conway. 由於沒有更為合適的人選,我們決定把這個工作機會給康韋先生。

More examples

  • In the absence of anything better the settee would serve as a bed for a couple of nights.
  • In our search for evidence, we were stymied by the absence of any recent documents.
  • They complained about the absence of vegetarian food on the menu.
  • In the absence of a strong government, the country soon fell into chaos.
  • In the absence of a television, the children were forced to find other things to keep them amused.

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