Translation of "access" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun [ U ] uk /ˈæ us /ˈæ

B1 the method or possibility of getting near to a place or person

The only access to the village is by boat. 到那個村子去的唯一方法是乘船。
The main access to (= entrance to) the building is at the side. 大樓的主入口在側面。
The children's father was refused access to them at any time (= refused official permission to see them). 孩子的父親任何時候都無權探視他們。

B1 the right or opportunity to use or look at something:

The system has been designed to give the user quick and easy access to the required information. 系統旨在方便使用者快速地獲取所需資訊。
Hackers had/gained complete access to the company files. 稅務稽查員擁有/獲得了查看公司所有檔的權利。
verb [ T ] uk /ˈæ us /ˈæ

B2 to open a computer file (= a collection of information stored on a computer) in order to look at or change information in it


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