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uk /ækt/ us /ækt/

act verb (BEHAVE)

[ I ] to behave in the stated way

Don't be so silly - you're acting like a child! 別傻了——你的行為簡直就像個孩子!
He acted as if he'd never met me before. 他擺出一副好像以前從沒見過我的樣子。

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act verb (DO SOMETHING)

B2 [ I ] to do something for a particular purpose or to solve a problem

[ + to infinitive ] Engineers acted quickly to repair the damaged pipes. 技師馬上採取行動維修損毀的管道。
She acted without thinking. 她不加思索就採取了行動。
Who is acting for/on behalf of (= who is representing) the defendant? 誰是被告的代理律師?
He never acts on other people's advice (= does what other people suggest). 他一意孤行,從不聽取別人的建議。
Acting on impulse (= without thinking first) can get you into a lot of trouble. 意氣用事,後患無窮。

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act verb (PERFORM)

B1 [ I or T ] to perform a part in a film, play, etc.

Ellis Pike was chosen to act the part of the lawyer in the film. 艾理斯‧派克被選中在影片中扮演律師這個角色。
Have you ever acted in a play before? 你以前演過戲劇嗎?
act the fool, martyr, etc.

to behave in a particular, usually bad, way

Why are you always acting the fool? 你為甚麼老裝傻?

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Phrasal verb(s)


uk /ækt/ us /ækt/

act noun (THING DONE)

B2 [ C ] something that you do

an act of aggression/bravery/madness/terrorism 侵略行為/英勇行為/瘋狂的舉動/恐怖主義活動
a kind/thoughtless/selfish act 善舉/輕率的舉動/自私的行為
The simple act of telling someone about a problem can help. 就算是僅僅將問題對他人傾吐也會對自己起到幫助。
Primitive people regarded storms as an act of God. 原始人認為風暴是神的所為。
artistic representations of the sexual act 性行為本身對她來說無所謂。

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act noun (PERFORMANCE)

C2 [ S ] behaviour that hides your real feelings or intentions

Was she really upset or was that just an act? 她是真的生氣還是只裝裝樣子?

[ C ] a person or group that performs a short piece in a show, or the piece that they perform.

a comedy/juggling/trapeze act 一段喜劇/雜耍/高空鞦韆表演節目
Our next act is a very talented young musician. 表演下一個節目的是一位元才華橫溢的年輕音樂家。

B1 [ C ] a part of a play or opera

Shakespeare's plays were written in five acts. 莎士比亞的戲劇是按五幕劇格式創作的。
The hero does not enter until the second act/Act Two. 男主角直到第二幕才出場。

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act noun (LAW)

[ C ] specialized law a law or formal decision made by a parliament or other group of people who make the laws for their country

an Act of Parliament 國會法案
the Betting and Gaming Act 《賭博法》
Almost two hundred suspects were detained in the UK last year under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. 根據《防止恐怖主義法》,去年英國有將近200名嫌疑犯被拘留。
The state legislature passed an act banning the sale of automatic weapons. 州議會透過了一項禁止銷售自動武器的法令。

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