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uk /ˈæk.ʃən/ us /ˈæk.ʃən/

action noun (DOING SOMETHING)

B2 [ U ] the process of doing something, especially when dealing with a problem or difficulty

This problem calls for swift/prompt action from the government. 這個問題需要政府馬上採取行動。
[ + to infinitive ] Action to prevent the spread of the disease is high on the government's agenda. 採取行動防止疾病蔓延是政府的當務之急。
We must take action (= do something) to deal with the problem before it spreads to other areas. 在這個問題蔓延到其他地區之前我們一定要採取行動將其解決。
So what's the plan of action? (= What are we going to do?) 那麼行動計劃是甚麼?
The complaints system swings into action (= starts to work) as soon as a claim is made. 一旦有人提出索賠,投訴處理系統就馬上啟動。
The committee was spurred into action (= encouraged to do something) by the threat of government cuts. 政府威脅要削減經費,這促使委員會採取了行動。

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action noun (SOMETHING DONE)

B2 [ C ] something that you do

She has to accept the consequences of her actions. 她必須對自己行為的後果負責。
I asked him to explain his actions. 我要求他為自己的所作所為作出解釋。

C2 [ C ] a physical movement

I'll say the words and you can mime the actions. 我會說出這些詞,你可以做動作把它們的意思表達出來。
It only needs a small wrist action (= movement of the wrist) to start the process. 只需動一動手腕,程式就啟動了。

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action noun (ACTIVITY)

B1 [ U ] things that are happening, especially exciting or important things

I like movies with a lot of action. 我喜歡情節緊湊的影片。
In her last novel, the action (= the main events) moves between Greece and southern Spain. 在她最近發表的那本小說裡,故事情節在希臘和西班牙南部交替展開。
where the action is

at the place where something important or interesting is happening

A journalist has to be where the action is. 記者必須要親臨事件的現場。

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action noun (EFFECT)

[ S ] the effect something has on another thing

They recorded the action of the drug on the nervous system. 他們紀錄下了這種藥物對神經系統的作用。

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action noun (WAR)

C2 [ U ] fighting in a war

Her younger son was killed in action. 她的小兒子在戰鬥中陣亡。
He was reported missing in action. 據報導,他在戰鬥中失蹤。
He saw action (= fought as a soldier) in the trenches. 他參加了壕溝戰。

action noun (WAY THING WORKS)

C2 [ U or C ] the way something moves or works

We studied the action of the digestive system. 我們研究了消化系統的機能。
The car has a very smooth braking action. 這輛轎車煞車性能很平穩。

action noun (LEGAL PROCESS)

C1 [ C or U ] specialized law a legal process that is decided in a law court

a libel action 誹謗訴訟
She brought an action (for negligence) against the hospital. 她起訴醫院(怠忽職守)。
A criminal action was brought against him. 他被提起刑事訴訟。
The book was halted in South Africa by a threat of legal action. 因為遭到起訴的威脅,該書在南非停止發行。

actionverb [ T usually passive ]

uk /ˈæk.ʃən/ us /ˈæk.ʃən/

to do something to deal with a particular problem or matter

I'll just run through the minutes of the last meeting, raising those points that still have to be actioned. 下面我將扼要重述一下上次會議的紀錄,把亟待處理的重點問題提出來。

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