Translation of "action" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun [ U ] (DOING SOMETHING) 做某事 uk us /ˈæk.ʃən/

the process of doing something, especially when dealing with a problem or difficulty

This problem calls for swift/prompt action from the government. 這個問題需要政府馬上採取行動。
[ + to infinitive ] Action to prevent the spread of the disease is high on the government's agenda. 採取行動防止疾病蔓延是政府的當務之急。
We must take action (= do something) to deal with the problem before it spreads to other areas. 在這個問題蔓延到其他地區之前我們一定要採取行動將其解決。
So what's the plan of action (= What are we going to do)? 那麼行動計劃是甚麼?
The complaints system swings into action (= starts to work) as soon as a claim is made. 一旦有人提出索賠,投訴處理系統就馬上啟動。
The committee was spurred into action (= encouraged to do something) by the threat of government cuts. 政府威脅要削減經費,這促使委員會採取了行動。

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