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uk /ˈæk.tʃu.ə.li/ us /ˈæk.tʃu.ə.li/

actually adverb (IN FACT)

A2 in fact or really

I didn't actually see her - I just heard her voice. 實際上我並沒有看見她,只是聽到了她的聲音。
So what actually happened? 那麼到底發生了甚麼事呢?

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actually adverb (SURPRISE)

B1 used in sentences in which there is information that is in some way surprising or the opposite of what most people would expect

I didn't like him at first, but in the end I actually got quite fond of him. 起初我對他並沒有好感,可最後我竟然挺喜歡他的。
I'm one of the few people who doesn't actually like champagne. 少數人還真是不喜歡香檳酒,我就是其中之一。
humorous Don't tell me he actually paid for you! 別跟我說他居然替你付了錢!你面子可真不小啊!

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actually adverb (SAYING NO)

B2 used as a way of making a sentence slightly more polite, for example when you are expressing an opposing opinion, correcting what someone else has said, or refusing an offer

"Alexander looks like he'd be good at sports." "Actually, he's not." 「亞歷山大看來很擅長運動。」「事實並非如此。」
Actually, Gavin, it was Tuesday of last week, not Wednesday. 實際上呢,加文,那是上星期的週二,而不是週三。
"Do you mind if I smoke?" "Well, actually, I'd rather you didn't." 「我抽支煙你介意嗎?」「嗯,說實話,我希望你還是別抽。」

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