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add up to sth

phrasal verb with add uk /æd/ us /æd/ verb [ I or T ]


to become a particular amount

The various building programmes add up to several thousand new homes. 各項住宅建設計劃總共將為人們提供幾千個新住所。
We thought we'd bought lots of food, but it didn't add up to much when we'd spread it out on the table. 我們還覺得自己買了不少吃的東西呢,可一擺到飯桌上,還真是沒有多少。


to have a particular result or effect

It all added up to a lot of hard work for all of us. 結果這給我們所有人都添了一大堆工作。
Their proposals do not add up to any real help for the poor. 他們的建議沒給窮人帶來任何實質性幫助。

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