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uk /əˈdɒpt/ us /əˈdɑːpt/

adopt verb (TAKE CHILD)

B2 [ T or I ] to legally take another person's child into your own family and take care of him or her as your own child

They've adopted a baby girl. 他們領養了一個女嬰。
She had the child adopted (= she gave her baby to someone else to take care of). 她把自己的孩子送給別人撫養。
They have no children of their own, but they're hoping to adopt. 他們沒有親生子女,但是他們希望能領養。

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adopt verb (START USING)

B2 [ T ] to accept or start to use something new

I think it's time to adopt a different strategy in my dealings with him. 我覺得在和他的交往中該採用一種不同的策略了。
The new tax would force companies to adopt energy-saving measures. 徵收新稅將迫使公司採取節能措施。
He's adopted a remarkably light-hearted attitude towards the situation. 面對這種局面,他擺出了一種異乎尋常的輕描淡寫的態度。

adopt verb (CHOOSE)

[ T ] to choose someone or something or take something as your own

Dr Kennedy has been adopted as the party's candidate for South Cambridge. 甘迺迪博士被選定為該黨南劍橋地區的候選人。

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