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adriftadjective [ after verb ]

us uk /əˈdrɪft/

If a boat is adrift, it is moving on the water but is not controlled by anyone because of a problem.

He spent three days adrift on his yacht. 他在遊艇上漂流了三天。

If a person is adrift, they do not have a clear purpose in life or know what they want to do.

Da Silva plays a bright, lonely student from New York, adrift in small-town Arizona. 達席爾瓦飾演的角色是一個才華橫溢的學生,離開紐約孤身漂泊在偏僻的亞利桑那州。
go/come adrift informal

to become loose

The hem of my skirt's come adrift again. 我的裙子褶邊又散開了。
go adrift informal

If plans go adrift, they fail or do not produce the correct results.

Something seems to have gone adrift in our calculations. 我們的計算好像有甚麼地方出了問題。

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