Translation of "age" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun (TIME SPENT ALIVE) 活著的時間 uk us /eɪdʒ/

[ C or U ] the period of time someone has been alive or something has existed

Do you know the age of that building? 你知道那座樓的歷史有多久嗎?
What age (= How old) is your brother? 你弟弟多大了?
I'd guess she's about my age (= she is about as old as I am). 我猜她和我年齡差不多。
She was 74 years of age when she wrote her first novel. 她寫第一本小說時是74歲。
He left home at the age of 16. 他16歲時離開了家。
I was married with four children at your age. 像你這麼大的時候我已經結了婚並且有了四個孩子。
She's starting to show/look her age (= to look as old as she is). 她開始看上去與實際年齡一般大。
I'm really beginning to feel my age (= feel old). 我真的開始覺得老了。
His girlfriend's twice his age (= twice as old as he is). 他的女朋友年齡比他大一倍。
Act your age!

said to someone to tell them to stop behaving like someone who is much younger

the age of consent

the age at which someone is considered by the law to be old enough to agree to have sex with someone

under age

legally too young to do something

He was prosecuted for having sex with a girl who was under age. 他因和未成年少女發生性行為而被起訴。
under age drinking 未到法定年齡的非法飲酒行為

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