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uk /əˈɡriː.mənt/ us /əˈɡriː.mənt/

agreement noun (SAME OPINION)

B2 [ U ] the situation in which people have the same opinion, or in which they approve of or accept something

The whole family was in agreement with her about/on what they should do. 對於他們應該做甚麼,全家人都和她意見一致。
If the three parties cannot reach agreement now, there will be a civil war. 如果這三個政黨現在不能達成共識,內戰將不可避免。
I don't think you'll ever get Tony's agreement to these proposals. 我認為,你千萬不要指望托尼會同意這些計劃。
[ + that ] There's widespread agreement that the law should be changed. 大家一致認為應該修改法律。

B2 [ C ] a decision or arrangement, often formal and written, between two or more groups or people

The dispute was settled by an agreement that satisfied both sides. 由於達成了一項雙方都滿意的協議,爭端得到瞭解決。
The government has entered into/signed an international arms control agreement. 政府接受/簽署了一項國際軍備控制協議。
They have broken (the terms of) the agreement on human rights. 他們違反了人權協議(條款)。
Finally the two sides have reached an agreement. 雙方終於達成了協議。

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agreement noun (GRAMMAR)

[ U ] specialized language the situation in which two words have the same grammatical form. For example, the words are both singular or plural, masculine or feminine, etc.


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