Translation of "ahead" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


adverb (IN FRONT) 在前面 uk us /əˈhed/

in front

The road ahead is very busy. 前面路上很擁擠。
Turn left at the traffic lights, and you'll see the hospital straight ahead. 在紅綠燈那裡左轉,正前方就是醫院,你一眼就能看見。
Rick walked on ahead of us. 裡克走在我們前面。
You go on ahead of (= before) me, and I'll meet you there. 你先走,我們在那裡會合。

having more points than someone else in a competition or competitive situation

Apparently, the latest opinion polls put the Democrats 15% ahead of the Republicans. 據最近的一次民意調查顯示,民主黨領先了共和黨15個百分點。
Barcelona was ahead after ten minutes. 十分鐘後巴塞隆納隊領先。

making more progress than someone else

Sophie is way (= far) ahead of the other children in her class. 索菲的成績遠遠超過班上其他孩子。

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