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uk /eɪm/ us /eɪm/

aim noun (INTENTION)

B1 [ C ] a result that your plans or actions are intended to achieve

My main aim in life is to be a good husband and father. 我人生的主要目標是做一個好丈夫和好爸爸。
Our short-term aim is to deal with our current financial difficulties, but our long-term aim is to improve the company's profitability. 我們的短期目標是解決當前的財政困難,但長遠目標是提高公司的盈利。
The leaflet has been produced with the aim of increasing public awareness of the disease. 印發該傳單的目的是為了提高公眾對這種疾病的認識。

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aim noun (POINTING)

[ U ] the act of pointing a weapon towards something

He fired six shots at the target, but his aim was terrible, and he missed all of them. 他向靶子開了六槍,但是瞄準得太差,一槍也沒中靶。
She raised her gun, took aim and fired. 她舉起了槍,瞄準開火。


uk /eɪm/ us /eɪm/

aim verb (INTEND)

B1 [ I ] to intend

[ + to infinitive ] I aim to be a millionaire by the time I'm 35. 我打算到35歲時成為百萬富翁。
We are aiming for (= planning to achieve) a 50 percent share of the German market. 我們意圖獲取德國市場50%的份額。

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aim verb (POINT)

[ I or T ] to point or direct a weapon towards someone or something that you want to hit

Aim (the arrow) a little above the target. (將箭)瞄準目標稍高一些的地方。
Aim at the yellow circle. 瞄準黃圈。
There are hundreds of nuclear missiles aimed at the main cities. 數百枚核導彈瞄準了各主要城市。
She aimed (= directed) a kick at my shins. 她向我的小腿踢了一腳。
Let's aim for (= go in the direction of) Coventry first, and then we'll have a look at the map. 我們先往科芬特裡方向開,然後再看地圖。

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