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uk /əˈlɑːm/ us /əˈlɑːrm/

alarm noun (WARNING)

[ C ] a warning of danger, usually a loud noise or flashing light

If there's any trouble, raise/sound the alarm by pulling the emergency cord. 如果出現任何問題,拉緊急警報索報警。
The first two bomb alerts were false alarms, but the third was for real. 前兩次炸彈警報是一場虛驚,但是第三次是真的。

B1 [ C ] a device that makes a loud noise to warn of danger

a burglar/car/fire/smoke alarm 防盜/汽車/防火/煙霧警報器

A2 [ C ] an alarm clock


B1 [ C ] If an electronic device such as a watch or computer has an alarm, it can be set to make a noise at a particular time.


More examples

  • If the alarm sounds, leave the building immediately.
  • The fire alarm goes off accidentally so often that when it's the real thing nobody will take any notice.
  • Quick, sound the alarm - there's a fire in the machine room!
  • Police said the thieves were obviously well acquainted with the alarm system at the department store.
  • I heard his alarm clock bleeping this morning.

alarm noun (WORRY)

C2 [ U ] sudden worry and fear, especially that something dangerous or unpleasant might happen

I didn't tell her that he was late because I didn't want to cause her any alarm. 我沒有告訴她他來晚了,因為我不想讓她擔驚受怕。
Villagers have reacted with alarm to news of a proposed new road. 聽說有修新路的計劃,村民都十分恐慌。

More examples

  • The birds flew off in alarm when the cat appeared.
  • There was alarm in the stock market today when prices suddenly began to drop.
  • The gun shot made the monkeys chatter in alarm.
  • It's all right, everybody - there's no need for alarm.
  • A bomb threat caused great alarm in the City this morning.

alarmverb [ T ]

uk /əˈlɑːm/ us /əˈlɑːrm/

C1 to make someone worried or frightened

I didn't want to alarm him by telling him that she was ill. 我不想讓他擔心,沒有告訴他她生病的事。

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