Translation of "alien" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


adjective uk /ˈeɪ.li.ən/ us /ˈeɪ.li.ən/

coming from a different country, race, or group

an alien culture 異域文化
→ Synonym foreign

strange and not familiar

When I first went to New York, it all felt very alien to me. 我初到紐約的時候,覺得一切都非常陌生。

[ before noun ] relating to creatures from another planet

an alien spacecraft 外星人飛船
noun [ C ] uk /ˈeɪ.li.ən/ us /ˈeɪ.li.ən/

specialized law someone who lives in a country of which they are not a legal citizen

When war broke out the government rounded up thousands of aliens and put them in temporary camps. 戰爭爆發時,政府把數以千計的外國人集中在一起,關在臨時拘留營中。

a creature from a different planet


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