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alikeadjective [ after verb ]

uk /əˈlaɪk/ us /əˈlaɪk/

B1 similar to each other

The children all look very alike. 孩子長得都很像。

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uk /əˈlaɪk/ us /əˈlaɪk/

B2 in a similar way

The twins even dress alike. 這對雙胞胎就連衣著都一樣。
My father treated us all alike. 父親待我們一視同仁。

B2 used after referring to two groups of people or things to show that both groups are included

Friends and family alike were devastated by the news of her death. 聽到她去世的噩耗,無論家人還是朋友都悲痛欲絕。

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