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all rightadjective [ after verb ], adverb

also not standard alright uk /ˌɔːl ˈraɪt/ us /ˌɑːl ˈraɪt/

all right adjective [ after verb ], adverb (GOOD/SATISFACTORY)

A1 (in a way that is) satisfactory or reasonably good

I wouldn't say she's rich, but she's doing all right (= being reasonably successful). 我不能說她很富有,但是她日子過得還可以。
Is everything all right, madam? 一切都還好嗎,夫人?

B1 only just good enough

"What did you think of the film?" "It was all right. Nothing special." 「你認為這部電影怎麽樣?」「還算可以,沒甚麼特別的。」
The food was all right, I suppose, but I've had better. 我覺得味道還可以,但我嚐過更好吃的。

not unpleasant or bad

This wine's all right, isn't it? 這酒還可以 ,是吧?
Her mum's really strict, but her dad's all right. 她媽媽很嚴厲,但她爸爸還好。

very good

You can work at home? That's all right, isn't it? 你可以在家工作?那真是太棒了,是不是?
it's all right for sb

used to show that you think someone is lucky or has an easy life when the same is not true for you

It's all right for you - your mum takes care of the children whenever you want. 海倫當然不用擔心。她有需要的時候,她媽媽總會幫她照顧孩子。
He has a live-in housekeeper? It's all right for some, isn't it? 他僱了個家庭保姆嗎?當然,這筆開銷對有些人來說算不了甚麼,對不對?

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all right adjective [ after verb ], adverb (SAFE)

A2 safe, well, or not harmed

She was very ill for a while but she's all right now. 她一度病得很厲害,但現在康復了。
Did you get home all right (= safely) last night? 昨晚你回家沒出甚麼事吧?

all right adjective [ after verb ], adverb (ABLE TO MANAGE)

able to manage

Are you managing all right in your new job? 你的新工作還順利吧?
Are you sure you'll be all right on your own? 你確定你自己一個人不會有甚麼事嗎?
Are you all right with those cases? 你一個人拿這麼多箱子,可以嗎?
I'm all right informal

used to refuse the offer of food or drink

"Can I get you a drink?" "No, I'm all right, thanks." 「你想喝點甚麼?」「不用了,謝謝。」

all right adjective [ after verb ], adverb (AGREED)

A1 used to show that something is agreed, understood, or acceptable

All right, I'll lend you the money. 好吧,我借錢給你。
All right, that's enough noise! 行了,吵死了!
Tell me if you start to feel sick, all right? 你感到不舒服就馬上告訴我,好嗎?
"Are you sure you won't come with us?" "All right then. If you insist." 「你真的不過來跟我們喝一杯?」「那好吧,你這麼盛意拳拳,我也不推辭了。」
All right, so I made a mistake (= I accept that I was wrong). 好了好了,是我的錯。
I'd rather not go to Tricia's party if that's all right with you. 如果你不介意,我還是不參加特裡西婭的聚會了。
Would it be all right if I came? 我去可以嗎?
[ + to infinitive ] Chris wants to know if it'll be all right to come over to see us this evening. 克裡斯想知道他今晚是否可以過來看我們。
She seems to think that it's perfectly all right to break the law. 她好像覺得觸犯法律沒甚麼大不了的。
it's all right A2 also that's all right

an answer to someone who has just thanked you for something or just said sorry for something they have done

"Thank you for the flowers." "It's all right (= there's no need to thank me). I thought they might cheer you up." 「多謝你送花給我。」「別客氣,我想這些花能讓你心情好一點。」
"I'm sorry I broke the vase." "Oh, that's all right (= it's not important). It wasn't very expensive." 「對不起,我把花瓶打破了。」「哦,沒關係,花瓶又不是甚麽貴重的東西。」

all right adjective [ after verb ], adverb (CERTAINLY)

certainly or without any doubt

"Are you sure it was Gillian with him?" "Oh, it was her all right." 「你肯定和他在一起的是吉利恩?」「啊呀,就是她,千真萬確。」

all rightexclamation

also alright uk /ˌɔːl ˈraɪt/ us /ˌɑːl ˈraɪt/

all right exclamation (GREETING)

UK informal used to greet someone at the same time as asking if they are well

"All right, John?" "Not bad thanks, and you?" 「挺好的吧,約翰?」「不錯,謝謝。你也挺好吧?」

all right exclamation (APPROVAL)

slang said with the main emphasis on "right", expressing approval of what has been said or done

"Did you hear I hit that creep who'd been pestering me?" "All right!" 「你聽說了嗎,我把那個老是糾纏我的討厭鬼給揍了。」「打得好!」

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