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allow for sth

phrasal verb with allow uk /əˈlaʊ/ us /əˈlaʊ/ verb

C1 to consider something when you are planning something

We allowed for living expenses of £20 a day. 我們每天給自己留出20英鎊的生活費用。
[ + -ing verb ] You should allow for the plane being delayed. 你應該考慮到飛機延誤怎麼辦。
We have to allow for the possibility that we might not finish on schedule. 我們必須考慮到我們有可能不能按時完成。

More examples

  • You have to allow for a time lag between order and delivery.
  • Our range of children's clothing is generously sized to allow for shrinkage.
  • Remember to allow for extra time if you are travelling at rush hour.
  • Did you allow for staff absences when you drew up the work schedule?
  • At least the old curriculum allowed for some variation in classroom activities.

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