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animalnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈæn.ɪ.məl/ us /ˈæn.ə.məl/

animal noun [ C ] (CREATURE)

A1 something that lives and moves but is not a human, bird, fish, or insect

wild/domestic animals 野生動物/家畜
Both children are real animal lovers. 兩個孩子都很喜愛動物。
Surveys show that animal welfare has recently become a major concern for many schoolchildren. 調查顯示動物福利近來已成為很多小學生關注的主要問題。

B2 anything that lives and moves, including people, birds, etc.

Humans, insects, reptiles, birds, and mammals are all animals. 人、昆蟲、爬行動物、鳥類和哺乳動物都是動物。

More examples

animal noun [ C ] (BAD PERSON)

informal an unpleasant, cruel person or someone who behaves badly

He's a real animal when he's had too much to drink. 他酒一喝多,簡直就是畜生。

animal noun [ C ] (TYPE)

used to describe what type of person or thing someone or something is

At heart she is a political animal. 本質上她是一個很有政治秉性的人。
She is that rare animal (= she is very unusual), a brilliant scientist who can communicate her ideas to ordinary people. 她是個少見的奇才,是一位能夠把自己的思想傳達給普通人的優秀科學家。
Feminism in France and England are rather different animals (= are different). 法國和英國的女權主義不屬於同一種類型。


uk /ˈæn.ɪ.məl/ us /ˈæn.ə.məl/

animal adjective (FROM ANIMALS)

made or obtained from an animal or animals

animal products 動物產品
animal fat/skins 動物脂肪/毛皮

relating to, or taking the form of, an animal or animals rather than a plant or human being

The island was devoid of all animal life (= there were no animals on the island). 這個島上沒有任何動物生存。

animal adjective (PHYSICAL)

[ before noun ] relating to physical desires or needs, and not spiritual or mental ones

As an actor, he has a sort of animal magnetism. 作為一名演員,羅素‧克洛具有一種對異性的吸引力。
She knew that Dave wasn't the right man for her but she couldn't deny the animal attraction between them. 她明知戴夫不是適合她的男人,但無法抗拒他們之間肉體上的吸引力。

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