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uk /əˈnɒn.ɪ.məs/ us /əˈnɑː.nə.məs/

C2 made or done by someone whose name is not known or not made public

The money was donated by an anonymous benefactor. 這筆錢來自一位不願透露姓名的捐贈者。
Police said an anonymous caller warned that a bomb was about to go off. 警方說有人打來匿名電話,警告一枚炸彈即將爆炸。
An attempt to implant an embryo using an egg from an anonymous woman donor was unsuccessful. 用一位匿名女性捐贈的卵子來植入胚胎的嘗試未獲成功。
He received an anonymous letter threatening to disclose details of his affair if he didn't pay the money. 他收到一封匿名信,威脅說如果他不付錢,就把他的風流韻事都抖出來。
For reasons of personal safety, the informant wishes to remain anonymous. 為了自身安全,舉報人不希望透露姓名。

having no unusual or interesting features

He has a rather anonymous face. 他相貌平平。

More examples

  • An anonymous letter alerted police to the possibility of a terrorist attack at the airport.
  • An anonymous businesswoman donated one million dollars to the charity.
  • Thanks to a large gift from an anonymous donor, the charity was able to continue its work.
  • After years of research, scholars have finally ascribed this anonymous play to Christopher Marlowe.
  • An anonymous tipster has leaked confidential government information to the press.

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