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anotherdeterminer, pronoun

uk /əˈnʌð.ər/ us /əˈnʌð.ɚ/

another determiner, pronoun (ADDITIONAL)

A2 one more person or thing or an extra amount

I'm going to have another piece of cake. 我要再吃塊蛋糕。
"Would you get me a bar of chocolate from the kitchen?" "Another one?" 「從廚房給我拿塊巧克力好嗎?」「你還要?!」
We can fit another person in my car. 我車裡還可以再坐一個人。
Danny's had yet another car accident. 丹尼又出交通意外了。
For another £30 (= for £30 more) you can buy the model with a touchscreen. 再加30英鎊,你就可以買附遙控的那種型號了。
Just think, in another three months (= three months from now) it'll be summer again. 想想吧,再過三個月就又到夏天了。
one... after another

a lot of things, one after the other

I'm not surprised he's feeling ill - he was eating one ice cream after another! 他生病我不覺得奇怪——他不停嘴地吃霜淇淋!

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another determiner, pronoun (DIFFERENT)

A2 a different person or thing

She's finished with that boyfriend and found herself another (one). 她和原來那個男朋友分手了,又另找了一個。
Do you want to exchange this toaster for another (one) or do you want your money back? 你是想另換一台烤麵包機,還是要退貨?
one another

B1 each other

They gave one another presents when they met at the airport. 他們在機場見面時互贈了禮物。
one way or another

in some way that is not known yet

We'll get out of this mess one way or another. 我們得想個甚麼辦法擺脫這種困境。

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