Translation of "anyone" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


pronoun uk us /ˈen.i.wʌn/ (also anybody)

used in questions and negatives to mean 'a person or people'

I haven't spoken to anyone all day. 我一整天都沒跟任何人說過話。
I haven't told anyone. 我沒有告訴任何人。
Was there anyone you knew at the meeting? 開會的人你有認識的嗎?
Has anyone seen my glasses anywhere? 有誰在哪裡看到我的眼鏡了嗎?

any person or any people

Anyone can go - you don't have to be invited. 誰都可以去,用不著邀請。
Anyone could dress well with all that money. 有了那些錢誰都可以穿得衣冠楚楚。

(Translation of “anyone” from the Cambridge English-Chinese (Traditional) Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)