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uk /əˈpær.ə us /əˈper.ə

B2 used to say you have read or been told something although you are not certain it is true

Apparently it's going to rain today. 看來今天會下雨。
Apparently he's had enough of England and is going back to Australia. 據說他在英格蘭呆夠了,要回澳大利亞。

B2 used when the real situation is different from what you thought it was

You know I told you Alice's party was on the 13th? Well I saw her last night and apparently it's on the 14th. 你還記得我告訴過你愛麗絲的聚會在13號舉行,可是我昨晚見到她後得知實際上是14號。
She looks about ten, but apparently she's 14. 她看上去差不多10歲,可實際上都14歲了。
I thought they were married but apparently not (= they are not married). 我以為他們結婚了,但實際上並不是這樣。

B2 used to say that something seems to be true, although it is not certain

An 80-year-old woman was badly hurt in what the police describe as an apparently motiveless attack (= an attack for no apparent reason). 一位80歲的老太太遇襲受重傷,警方稱這似乎是一次無動機襲擊。

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