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uk /əˈpiːl/ us /əˈpiːl/

appeal noun (REQUEST)

C1 [ C ] a request to the public for money, information, or help

They're launching (= starting) an appeal to raise money for famine victims. 他們正在呼籲社會為饑民捐款。
[ + to infinitive ] The police have issued an appeal to the public to stay away from the area over the weekend. 警方呼籲公眾在週末遠離市中心。

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appeal noun (LEGAL)

[ C or U ] a request made to a court of law or to someone in authority to change a previous decision

The case went to the court of appeal/the appeal court. 案件被提交到上訴法院。
He won his appeal and the sentence was halved. 他上訴獲勝,刑期減半。
She has lodged (= made) an appeal against the severity of the fine. 她認為罰款太高,已提出上訴。

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appeal noun (QUALITY)

B2 [ U ] the quality in someone or something that makes him, her, or it attractive or interesting

sex appeal 性魅力;性感
Spielberg's movies have a wide appeal. 史匹柏的影片廣受歡迎。
This used to be a marvellous hotel but it has lost its appeal in recent years. 去年一艘遊船沉沒導致33人喪生,從那時起,河上泛舟遊樂會已失去了吸引力。


uk /əˈpiːl/ us /əˈpiːl/

appeal verb (REQUEST)

C1 [ I ] to make a serious or formal request, especially to the public, for money, information, or help

They're appealing for clothes and blankets to send to the devastated region. 他們正在呼籲公眾向受災地區捐贈衣物和毛毯。
The police are appealing to the public for any information about the missing girl. 警方正向公眾求助,請他們提供有關失蹤女孩的任何資料。
I tried to appeal to (= ask for support based on) his sense of loyalty, stressing how good the company had been to him. 我努力請他對公司保持忠誠,著重強調公司一直待他不薄。
[ + to infinitive ] Church leaders have appealed to the government to halt the war. 教會領袖呼籲政府停止戰爭。

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appeal verb (LEGAL)

[ I ] to request a higher court of law to consider again a decision made by a lower court, especially in order to reduce or prevent a punishment

The teenager has been given leave (= allowed) by the High Court to appeal against her two-year sentence. 該少女被判刑兩年,高級法院允許她如不服判決可提出上訴。
They're appealing to the court to reduce the sentence to a fine. 他們正向高級法院提出上訴,要求將判刑改為罰款。

[ I ] to formally request that a legal or official decision be changed

The parents appealed against the school's decision not to admit the child. 這個孩子的父母對學校拒收孩子的決定提出申訴。
The players appealed to the referee for a free kick. 這個足球運動員請求裁判判罰任意球。

appeal verb (ATTRACT)

B2 [ I not continuous ] to interest or attract someone

It's a programme designed to appeal mainly to 16 to 25-year-olds. 這個節目的目標觀眾主要是16到25歲的年輕人。
I think what appeals to me about his painting is his use of colour. 我想,他的畫感染我的地方在於他對色彩的運用。
UK I haven't been skiing - it's never really appealed. 我從來沒有滑過雪——我對它從不感興趣。

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