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uk /əˈpɔɪnt/ us /əˈpɔɪnt/

appoint verb (PERSON)

C1 [ T ] to choose someone officially for a job or responsibility

We've appointed three new teachers this year. 我們今年已經任用了三名新教師。
He's just been appointed (as) director of the publishing division. 他剛剛被任命為出版部主任。
[ + to infinitive ] A commission has just been appointed to investigate fraud claims. 剛委任了一個委員會去調查詐騙的說法是否屬實。

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appoint verb (DATE)

[ T usually passive ] formal to arrange a date or time when a meeting or other event will happen

A date has been appointed for the election. 選舉日期已定。

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