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uk /əˈprəʊ.pri.ət/ us /əˈproʊ.pri.ət/

B2 suitable or right for a particular situation or occasion

appropriate footwear for the country 適合在鄉間穿的鞋
Is this film appropriate for small children? 這部電影適合幼童觀看嗎?
I didn't think his comments were very appropriate at the time. 我覺得他在當時發表那些評論很不妥當。
Is this an appropriate occasion to discuss finance? 這個場合適合討論財政問題嗎?
Please complete the appropriate parts of this form (= the parts that are right or necessary for your particular situation) and return it as soon as possible. 請正確填寫表中相應部分並盡快交回。

More examples

appropriateverb [ T ]

uk /əˈprəʊ.pri.eɪt/ us /əˈproʊ.pri.eɪt/ formal

appropriate verb [ T ] (TAKE)

to take something for your own use, usually without permission

He lost his job when he was found to have appropriated some of the company's money. 他被發現侵吞公司一筆款項後就丟了工作。

appropriate verb [ T ] (KEEP MONEY)

to keep an amount of money to use for a particular purpose

The government have appropriated millions of pounds for the project. 政府已經為該企劃案撥款數百萬英鎊。

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