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uk /ˈeə.ri.ə/ us /ˈer.i.ə/

area noun (PLACE)

B1 [ C ] a particular part of a place, piece of land, or country

All areas of the country will have some rain tonight. 今晚全國所有地區都將有降雨。
The area of New York to the south of Houston Street is known as Soho. 紐約休斯頓街以南區域被稱為蘇活區。
Houses in the London area (= in and around London) are very expensive. 倫敦地區的房價很高。
He's an area manager (= is responsible for business in a particular area) for a computer company. 他是一家電腦公司的區域經理。
This is a very poor area. 這是一個非常貧困的地區。
Dogs are not allowed in the children's play area. 不許將狗帶入兒童遊樂區。

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area noun (SUBJECT)

B2 [ C ] a subject or activity, or a part of it

Marketing is Paul's area. 市場行銷屬於保羅的職責範圍。
Software is not really my area of expertise. 軟體並不屬於我的專業範圍。

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area noun (MEASURE)

[ C or U ] the size of a flat surface calculated by multiplying its length by its width

the area of a rectangle 長方形的面積
Meadow Farm is 50 square kilometres in area. 「綠地農莊」面積50平方公里。


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