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awenoun [ U ]

uk /ɔː/ us /ɑː/

C2 a feeling of great respect sometimes mixed with fear or surprise

I've always held musicians in awe. 我對音樂家們總是肅然起敬。
As children we were rather in awe of our grandfather. 小時候,我們對祖父非常敬畏。
You can't help but stand in awe of (= respect greatly and fear slightly) powerful people. 在權勢人物面前,你不由自主會畢恭畢敬。

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aweverb [ T ]

uk /ɔː/ us /ɑː/ past tense and past participle UK aweing or US awing

to cause someone to feel awe

I was awed but not frightened by the huge gorilla. 那隻碩大無比的大猩猩讓我驚嘆不已,但是我並不怕它。
Her paintings have awed and amazed the public for half a century. 半個世紀以來,她的畫作一直令公眾嘆服。
The audience was awed into silence by her stunning performance. 她的出色表演令觀眾嘆為觀止,大家都屏氣凝神地欣賞。

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