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uk /ˈɔː.kwəd/ us /ˈɑː.kwɚd/

awkward adjective (DIFFICULT)

B2 difficult to use, do, or deal with

It's an awkward corner, so take it slowly. 這個轉彎不好過,開慢一點。
Some of the questions were rather awkward. 有些問題是很難回答的。
It was an awkward ascent, but we reached the top eventually. 那段上坡路很難走,但最後我們還是爬到了山頂。
[ + to infinitive ] My car's quite awkward to drive. 我的車很難開。
He's an awkward customer (= a difficult person to deal with). 他是個很難應付的傢夥。

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awkward adjective (EMBARRASSING)

B2 causing problems, worry, or embarrassment

an awkward position/situation 令人尷尬的位置/局面
There followed an awkward silence while we all tried to think of something to say. 然後是一段令人尷尬的沉默,我們都絞盡腦汁地想說點甚麼的。
They'd chosen an awkward time to call as I'd just got into the bath. 他們偏偏在我剛開始洗澡的時候來電話,真不是時候。
The police asked some awkward questions about where the money had come from. 警方圍繞錢的來源問了一些讓人很難回答的問題。

C2 embarrassed or nervous

I always feel awkward when I'm with Chris - he's so difficult to talk to. 我跟克裡斯在一起總感到為難——與他這人交談太費勁了。
He seemed a little awkward when I first met him. 我第一次見他時,他有點兒放不開。

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awkward adjective (NOT HELPFUL)

mainly UK intentionally not helpful

Just stop being so awkward and help me push the car, will you! 別再不合作了,快幫我推推車,好不好!

awkward adjective (MOVEMENT)

moving in a way that is not natural, relaxed, or attractive

His movements were slow and awkward. 他的動作遲緩笨拙。

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