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barnoun [ C ]

uk /bɑːr/ us /bɑːr/

bar noun [ C ] (DRINKING PLACE)

A1 a place where drinks, especially alcoholic drinks, are sold and drunk, or the area in such a place where the person serving the drinks stands

They noticed him going into the hotel bar. 他們看見他走進飯店的酒吧裡。
There weren't any free tables, so I sat at the bar. 沒有空位了,我只好坐在吧台旁。
Why don't you ask the guy behind the bar (= serving drinks there)? 你怎麼不問一問吧台裡的那個職員?

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bar noun [ C ] (LONG PIECE)

B2 a long, thin, straight piece of metal or wood

The gorilla rattled the bars of its cage. 大猩猩把籠子的鐵柵欄弄得吱嘎吱嘎地響。

B1 a substance that has been made into a solid rectangular shape

a bar of soap 一塊肥皂
a chocolate bar 一條巧克力棒

UK The bar of an electric heater is a long, thin wire in the shape of a spring that is wrapped tightly around a tube. When electricity passes through it, it produces heat and red light.


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bar noun [ C ] (MUSIC)

US also measure one of the small equal parts into which a piece of music is divided, containing a fixed number of beats

Waltzes have three beats in/to the bar (= in each bar). 華爾滋每小節有三拍。

US UK bar line a vertical line that divides one bar from another in a written piece of music


bar noun [ C ] (ON UNIFORM)

US a stripe


bar noun [ C ] (PREVENTING)

C2 [ C usually singular ] something that prevents a particular event or development from happening

A lack of formal education is no bar to becoming rich. 沒有接受正規教育並不是致富的障礙。


barverb [ T ]

uk /bɑːr/ us /bɑːr/ -rr-

bar verb [ T ] (PREVENT)

to prevent something or someone from doing something or going somewhere, or to not allow something

The centre of the town was barred to football supporters. 球迷不得進入城鎮的市中心。
The incident led to him being barred from the country/barred from entering the country. 這事件導致他被禁止進入該國/無法再為英國隊效力。
I tried to push past her but she barred my way/path (= stood in front of me and prevented me from getting past). 我試圖從她旁邊擠過去,但她還是擋住了我的去路。

bar verb [ T ] (CLOSE)

to put bars across something, especially to keep it closed

We barred the door to stop anyone getting into the room. 我們把門閂上以防有人進入房間。


uk /bɑːr/ us /bɑːr/ formal


Everyone is leaving the village, bar the very old and ill. 除了年老體弱者,其他人都要離開村莊。
They're the best songwriters of this century, bar none (= no one else is better). 他們是本世紀最優秀的作曲家,無人能比。

the Barnoun [ S, + sing/pl verb ]

uk /bɑːr/ us /bɑːr/

UK lawyers who are allowed to argue a case in a higher court


US all lawyers thought of as a group

be called to the Bar UK

to gain a qualification as a lawyer who can argue a case in a higher court

be admitted to the Bar US

to gain a qualification as a lawyer


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