Translation of "bass" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun uk /beɪs/ us /beɪs/ plural basses

[ C or U ] the lowest range of musical notes, or a man with a singing voice in this range

He sings bass. 他唱男低音。
Italy's leading bass 義大利頭號男低音

[ U ] the set of low musical sounds on a radio, music system, etc.

Turn down the bass. 把低音調低。

[ C ] a double bass


[ C ] also bass guitar an electric guitar with four strings that plays very low notes

He plays bass guitar. 他彈低音吉他。
adjective [ before noun ] uk /beɪs/ us /beɪs/

playing, singing, or producing the lowest range of musical notes

a bass drum/guitar/trombone 低音鼓/吉他/長號
noun [ C ] uk /bæs/ us /bæs/ plural bass

a type of fish found in rivers or the sea

鱸魚 → See also sea bass

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