Translation of "beetle" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] uk /ˈbiː.təl/ us /ˈbiː.t̬əl/

an insect with a hard shell-like back

a black beetle 黑甲蟲
a deathwatch beetle 蛀木蟲
a dung beetle 蜣螂
verb [ I ] uk /ˈbiː.təl/ us /ˈbiː.t̬əl/ UK informal

to go somewhere quickly

Hoping to miss the traffic jams, she beetled off home at four o'clock. 為避開交通擠塞,她四點鐘就匆忙趕回家了。
noun [ C ] uk /ˈbiː.təl/ us /ˈbiː.t̬əl/ trademark

a small car with a rounded front, top, and back, made by the company Volkswagen

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