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us uk /best/

A1 of the highest quality, or being the most suitable, pleasing, or effective type of thing or person

This is the best meal I've ever had. 這是我吃過最好的一餐。
He's one of our best students. 他是我們最優秀的學生之一。
Are you sure this is the best way of doing it? 你肯定這是處理這件事的最佳方法嗎?
What's the best (= shortest or quickest) way to get to their house? 哪條路去車站是最方便?
Your parents only want what is best for you. 你父母只想把最好的給你。
She was my best friend (= the friend I liked most). 她是我最好的朋友。
It's best (= it is wise) to get to the supermarket early. 最好早一點趕到超級市場。

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us uk /best/

B1 in the most suitable, pleasing, or satisfactory way, or to the greatest degree

Which evening would suit you best for the party? 你認為哪天晚上舉行晚會是最適合的?
The Grand Canyon is best seen at sunset. 大峽穀日落時最美,這時它的色彩似乎變幻莫測。
He couldn't decide which one he liked best (= preferred). 他不知道自己最喜歡哪一個。

to the greatest degree when used as the superlative of adjectives beginning with "good" or "well"

(表示以 good 或 well 開頭的最高級形容詞)…
They were the best-dressed couple at the party. 他們是舞會上衣著最華麗的一對。
He was voted the best-looking (= most attractive) actor in Hollywood. 他被選為好萊塢最英俊的男演員。
as best you can mainly UK

as well as you can

It is a difficult passage, but just translate it as best you can. 這段文章確實很難,不過你盡力翻譯就可以了。

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bestnoun [ S ]

us uk /best/

B1 the most excellent in a group of things or people

My tastes are simple - I only like the best. 我的品味很簡單─—我只喜歡最好的。
He wanted the best for his children - good schools, a nice house, and trips abroad. 他想讓自己的孩子們享受到最好的一切——上好學校,住漂亮房子,還有去外國旅行。
I like all of Hitchcock's films, but I think "Notorious" is the best. 我喜歡希區考克所有電影,不過我認為《美人計》是最好的一齣。
Chris and I are the best of friends (= we are very close friends). 克裡斯和我是最要好的朋友。
all the best A2 informal

used to say goodbye, or to end a letter to someone you know well, or to send good wishes to someone

All the best to your parents!
at best

C2 even when considered in the most positive way

The food was bland at best, and at worst completely inedible. 這種食物往好方的面說,是清淡無味,往差方面說,則根本就不能吃。
at its best

B1 at the highest standard that can be achieved

The documentary was an example of investigative journalism at its best. 這齣紀錄片是調查性新聞報導的最佳範例。
be at your best

to be as active or intelligent as you can be

I'm not at my best in the morning. 上午我不在最佳狀態。
best of all

B2 this is the most pleasing thing

There was wonderful food, good company, and, best of all, a jazz band. 那裡有豐盛的食物和熱情的夥伴,最棒的是還有一支爵士樂隊。
best of luck

used to wish someone success before a test, etc. or a difficult activity

US Best of luck on your finals! 祝你考試成功!
UK Best of luck with your finals! 祝你考試成功!
We would like to wish you the (very) best of luck on/with your move to France. 我們祝你到美國之後一切順利。
the best of

In a sport such as tennis, if you play the best of a particular number of games, you play that number of games and the winner is the player who wins the greatest number of those games.

Shall we play the best of five? 我們打五局三勝好嗎?
do/try your (very) best

B1 to make the greatest effort possible

It doesn't matter if you fail, just do your best. 即使失敗了也沒所謂,只要你盡了力就可以了。
have had the best of

If you have had the best of something, you have enjoyed the most pleasant part of it, and everything that is left is worse.

I think we've already had the best of the hot weather this summer. 我想我們已經渡過了今年夏天最舒服的日子。
to the best of your ability

as well as you can

Just do the job to the best of your ability. 只要你盡力工作就可以了。
to the best of my knowledge/belief

B2 from what I know and understand from the information that I have

To the best of my knowledge, the chemicals which were found are not dangerous. 據我所知,那些被發現的化學品並沒有危險。
for the best

C2 If an action is for the best, it is done to improve a situation or produce a good result, although it might seem unpleasant at the time.

Ending a relationship is always hard but in this case it's for the best. 結束一段感情總是很難的,但這樣做終究會對你有好處的。
make the best of

B2 to make an unsatisfactory situation as pleasant as possible

We'll have to spend the night here, so we might as well make the best of it. 我們要在這地方住上一晚,所以還是將就一下吧。

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bestverb [ T ]

us uk /best/ formal

to defeat someone in a fight or competition

He bested his opponent in just two rounds. 僅僅兩個回合他就擊敗了對手。

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