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uk /ˈbet.ər/ us /ˈbet̬.ɚ/

A1 comparative of good : of a higher standard, or more suitable, pleasing, or effective than other things or people

He stood near the front to get a better view. 他為了看得更清楚,盡量靠前站。
Relations between the two countries have never been better. 兩國的關係從未曾像現在這麼好過。
It's much better to have a small, cosy room than a big, cold one. 擁有一間小而暖的房間要比擁有一間大而冷的房間好得多。
The book was better than I expected. 這齣電影比我預期的好。
She is much better at tennis than I am. 她網球打得比我好很多。
It is far (= much) better to save some of your money than to spend it all at once. 把錢存起來,總比一下子花完要好得多了。
Fresh vegetables are better for you (= more beneficial to you) than canned ones. 新鮮蔬菜比罐裝蔬菜對健康更有益。
The longer you keep this wine, the better it tastes (= it has a better flavour if you keep it for a long time). 這種酒越陳越香。
The bed was hard, but it was better than nothing (= than not having a bed). 床有點硬,可是總比沒有好。

A1 If you are or get better after an illness or injury, you are healthy again.

I hope you get better soon. 希望你早日康復。
get better

to improve

After the ceasefire, the situation in the capital got better. 停火以後,首都的局勢有所好轉。
She's getting much better at pronouncing English words. 她的英語發音現在好多了。

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uk /ˈbet.ər/ us /ˈbet̬.ɚ/

A2 in a more suitable, pleasing, or satisfactory way, or to a greater degree

The next time he took the test, he was better prepared. 第二次考試時,他準備得更充分。
They did much better (= were more successful) in the second half of the game. 她在比賽下半場的表現更出色。
I like this jacket much better than (= I prefer it to) the other one. 比起另外一件夾克,我更喜歡這件。
She knows her way around the college better than I do. 她比我更清楚學院附近的路。

to a greater degree, when used as the comparative of adjectives beginning with "good" or "well"

(表示以 good 或 well 開頭的形容詞比較級)更,更大程度地
She is better-looking (= more attractive) than her brother. 她比哥哥長得好看。
He is much better known for his poetry than his songwriting. 他作的詩比他寫的歌更出名。
better still also even better

used to say that a particular choice would be more satisfactory

Why don't you give her a call or, better still, go and see her? 你為甚麼不打個電話給她,或者乾脆親自去找她?
sb had better do sth

A2 used to give advice or to make a threat

You'd better (= you should) go home now before the rain starts. 你最好在下雨之前趕回家。
He'd better pay me back that money he owes me soon, or else. 他最好趕快把欠我的那筆錢還給我,否則我就對他不客氣。
sb would do better UK

it would be wiser

You would do better to bring the plants inside when the weather gets colder. 天氣轉冷時,你最好把盆栽植物搬進屋裡。

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uk /ˈbet.ər/ us /ˈbet̬.ɚ/

[ U ] something that is of a higher standard than something else

He ran the 100 metres in 9.91 seconds, and I have not seen better (= a faster result) this year. 他100米跑了9.91秒,這是我今年見過的最好成績。

[ U ] behaviour, work, or treatment that is more suitable, pleasing, or satisfactory

You shouldn't be so mean to your mother - she deserves better. 你不應該對你媽媽如此刻薄——她理應得到更好的報答。
I didn't think he would go out without telling me - I expected better of him. 我原以為他不會不跟我說一聲就出去的——我對他期望過高了。
betters [ plural ] old-fashioned

people of a higher rank or social position than you

As children, we were taught not to argue with our elders and betters. 從小大人就教導我們不能與長輩和上級爭吵。

betterverb [ T ]

uk /ˈbet.ər/ us /ˈbet̬.ɚ/

to improve a situation

The organization was established to better conditions for the disabled. 這個組織是為改善殘疾人士的生活條件而成立的。
better yourself

to improve your social position, often by getting a better job or education

He tried to better himself by taking evening classes. 他試圖透過選修夜校課程,提高自己的文化水準。

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